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Easy Spiced Tuna Nori Rolls

Under $10/4 servesMain MealsOther JapaneseNew Recipes
Serves 4Time 1.15 hours

Cheap easy sushi rolls.

Fat - total 2g 2%
Fat - saturated 1g 4%
Salt 330mg 14%
Protein 24g 48%
Carbs 36g 12%
Sugar 5g 6%
Energy 1144kJ 13%
Fibre 2g 6%

% based on an adult’s recommended daily intake


  • ( 300 grams) Canned tuna in spring water
  • ( 0.5 tsp) Ground Chilli
  • ( 3 tbsp) 97% Fat Free Mayonnaise
  • ( 0.75 cup) Medium Grain White Rice
  • ( 6 tsp) Rice Vinegar
  • ( 1 each) Cucumber
  • ( 4 sheets) Nori Sheets


  1. The rice is the most important part of this dish. First you want to wash the rice until the water runs clear and then allow to soak in cold water for 30mins and then drain and put into a pan that has a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Add the same volume of rice as water, so if there is 1 cup of rice add 1 cup of water etc. Cook on high for 10 minutes or until the water level has dropped below the rice, cover with the lid and reduce to the lowest heat possible on your stove and cook for a further 15 minutes.
  3. Remove the rice from the pan and spread it out evenly to cool. Once cool add the rice wine vinegar and mix through.
  4. As the rice is cooking combine the chilli tuna and mayonnaise and mix to combine and cut the cucumber into long batons.
  5. Place a nori sheet onto the bamboo roller and top with a thin layer of the rice.
  6. Then approximately ¼ of the way from the bottom of the sheet spread a portion of the tuna mix from left to right across the nori. Then place a cucumber baton in the same direction across the sheet.
  7. From the bottom slowly roll the nori over itself to form the final product. Then slice into disc 2-3 cm thick
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